Reinterpreting an Architectural Language to Form New Perspectives



YEAR                2020


A triangular property on the Tagaytay mountain ridges serves as the canvas for this young family’s vacation home. With two (2) sides fronting the road, the irregular lot shape calls for an innovative design approach in optimizing the program and the generous views to the site.


This contemporary take on the mountain lodge plays with boundaries. Following the perimeter of the site, the building volume is surrounded by lush landscaping as natural barriers, and also as a continuous outdoor plaza for recreational activities.


At ground level, the dining and living spaces extend to the plaza beyond, blurring the line between the interiors and exteriors. The structure is bisected by the pool hall, letting in natural light on either side – offering an indoor respite as well a creating a cool climate for the interiors.


Throughout the structure, main living and entertaining spaces are stacked at the front of the house to maximize views and lighting, while utility and service spaces are confined to the rear.


At the building envelope, vertical fins along the exterior of the upper levels protect the home from the harsh afternoon sun. The rhythm of this façade treatment is contrasted by the dark stone finish the ground floor, giving the volume a sense of lightness. The apex of the structure is lifted to emphasize the front of the house, further creating new vantage points.