Architecture Translated by Behavioral Design Patterns



YEAR                2020


A site with rolling terrain and a generous view to the Sierra Madre mountain ranges serves as a perfect backdrop to this contemporary dwelling. With a specific program brief that emphasizes function, circulation, and a balance between privacy and openness, the interior layout and exterior treatment were thoroughly developed to the canvas ensure that they addressed the clients’ goals and intentions for their home.


The building form is defined by two (2) volumes that contain the home’s primary living and utility spaces. The program is organized according to access and vistas, as well as how each family member could best experience the house.


The left and right wings are linked by an Atrium at the center, breaking the massiveness of the structure. This gap creates a wind tunnel across all levels, harnessing passive cooling within. At its base is the Courtyard – which anchors the functional rooms on the split-level ground floor. Topped with a skylight, it allows natural light to illuminate the home’s interiors. The play of steps creates pockets of open spaces for lounging, dining, and recreational activities.


Balconies and multi-story ceiling heights, and recessed outer walls add definition to the building façade. It is further articulated by canopies louvers that provide shade for the home.


Luxury accommodations and understated sophistication – these are the qualities that this contemporary tropical residence aspires to embody through design.