YEAR                2019

The freedom enjoyed by Filipinos today was earned through the collective sacrifices of brave individuals who dared to defy the status quo in the era of Martial Law. The resilience of the Filipino people amidst these atrocities cannot be denied, and it is by honoring this reality that LUNAN UGNAYAN comes to be – a venue that welcomes dialogue and understanding among people; a platform where truth shall always come to light; and a timeless edifice that commemorates the unassailable right to Life, Justice, and Freedom.

Various themes were conceived for LUNAN UGNAYAN. These themes formed the narrative that defined the spatial and experiential organization of the Memorial Museum.

Pag-Asa (Museum Wing); Kawalan (Ancillary Wing); Pasakit (Immersive Galleries); Patunay (Artifact Galleries); Pagnilay (Reflection Space); Pagintindi (Auditorium/Library/Archives); Pagkamulat (Plaza/Amphitheater); Pagalala (Memorial Wall); Pagtuklas (Grand Lobby)

The building form is essentially defined by two (2) inclined, monolithic volumes that intersect at the apex. This simple yet bold form is a visual translation of the design intent – to convey the feeling of uncertainty prevalent during the Martial Law era. This uneasiness is translated through the weightless impression the building form, simultaneously evoking heaviness and lightness.

The juxtaposition of contrasting materials the concept of duality. Stone was used to express heaviness– connoting strength and hope. In contrast, reflective metal was used to highlight the effect of weightlessness of the building form. In acknowledging and understanding the essential truths of the Martial Law era, LUNAN UGNAYAN aspires to be a stepping stone for reconciliation and unity among Filipinos.