YEAR                   2017

The house was guided by the idea that it should be for the tropics – responsive to its climate and accommodating to the modern Filipino.

The design was dictated by specific conditions of the site while blurring boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces – hence the INSIDE/OUTSIDE concept. Landscape transitions to enveloped space – natural setting becomes a programmatic delineation. Shading and cooling devices were translated into modernistic idioms subsequent to their purposes – conducive to the tropical environment. Thus, the resulting form was a translation of these factors – responding specifically to need, circulation, and the landscape/urban fabric.

An articulated plaza was created to act as a transition for public and private space. Landscape/ groundscape elements were introduced for transparency and security. The house consists of interlocking volumes that form the overall massing. Enveloped with glazing – it allows the house to welcome diffused daylight into the space.

Glazed areas facing the pool/ garden area were left unobstructed to achieve visual continuity between exterior and interior spaces. The lap pool is integrated into the house – one needs only to step out to feel the calmness of the water. Exterior strategies induce privacy for the interiors without compromising daylighting and ventilation needs. Deep overhanging eaves provide ample protection from the changing weather – further giving the house a modern tropical idiom. Inside, you are enveloped with openness.

Boundaries are blurred – every element an extension of the other. The open layout of the house creates spaces that permeate through each other seamlessly. This paradigm was adapted strictly throughout the property.

Overhanging planes, cantilevers, and a mix of materials were used to create diversity – responding to the climatic conditions of the tropical environment. Elements were designed to provide a new idiom to the needs of the tropical house wherein strategies were improved while creating a new vernacular.