YEAR                   2015

Commissioned by a couple with two distinct passions, the space was intended to combine these passions into a cohesive whole. As gaming and cooking are two different pursuits, an integral element had to be established. Inspiration came from the owners' interest on having the experience of stargazing while lying on their bed.

If stargazing would be an inherent communal activity, why not exploit this notion and look to the constellations?

Taking cue from this idea, the zodiac symbols of the couple were plotted and subsequently overlapped with each other. What resulted was an interlaced diagram of vertices formed from the constellations. This diagram was then overlaid on the prescribed plan layout of the unit wherein another set of vertices were plotted - indicative of the different areas of the unit. By carefully connecting these vertices together, a Voronoi diagram was created. This became the architectural basis of envelopment. An articulated ceiling element that connects the areas defined the architectural space.

To accommodate the basic needs of gaming and cooking (as well as standard living functions) within the confines of the unit, creative strategies were implemented. The kitchen area was contained by sliding walls that could be opened when used and closed to conceal its elements - organized and avoiding clutter. The dining table became an intricate extension of the ceiling element.

By tearing down walls of the two-bedroom unit and transforming it into a one-bedroom space, the living and bedroom areas were significantly improved in size. To separate the living areas to the bedroom, massive sliding walls were introduced. These walls could be easily slid open on both sides to flexibly convert the spaces into separate and shared entities. Different spatial configurations could be achieved based on user preference.