YEAR                   2016

Placed on an elongated sloped lot with significant elevation difference on both ends, the house was configured as linear blocks organized to meld with the topography.

The lower end of the lot contained the basement level which contains the service areas as well as a private theater – accessed by a separate staircase. The ground level emanates from the higher elevation of the lot and contains the public areas and an elevated lap pool – allowing a continuous dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces. To further the notion of sensitivity to its location and climate, spaces were treated as contiguous elements with minimal delineations to renew ties to its environment and define an architecture of sensitive pragmatism. Vistas were established while securing privacy, fenestrations were located strategically for transparency and permeability, daylighting and air circulation were cleverly directed to fundamental locations to maintain optimum user comfort and flexibility.

The spatial experience begins at the Grand Atrium – carved through the building volume to shower the interiors with light and preview the spatial continuity that lies ahead. Except for the Master Bedroom beside the lap pool, all resting areas were intentionally placed on the second level for privacy. A Great Room serves as a focal point for the bedrooms each extending to individual balconies. Beyond is a deck open to the sky – acting as a release from confinement which further heightens one’s perception of connection to his surroundings.

With the program clearly addressed, architectural elements that are akin to the tropical climate were introduced – canopies, louvers, and surfaces were placed on strategic areas to provide the climatic provisions for tropical comfort.

A dedicated volumetric composition, enclosing a program continuum, defined an architecture that evokes climate sensitivity and functional pragmatism.