YEAR                2016

THE NEW SUPREME COURT COMPLEX was inspired by the idea of rebirth – through through the pursuit of the ideal. Since its inception, the supreme court of the Philippines never had a proper venue to fully represent its importance and significance to nation building.  The recent reform to relocate the offices of the supreme court to a different location allowed a “re-think” of its agenda – coinciding with the four pillars of judicial reform as stated by the present chief justice.

The process of rebirth began with the understanding of the program brief with no preconceived notions. It was then re-organized into what it can become – creating a new sense of purpose.

The concept of rebirth was deconstructed into five ideals that will define the design of the new supreme court: pillars, diversity, democracy, convergence, and the “”.

How can a building achieve while creating a sense of openness and accessibility to the public? How can a building of extreme importance not shun the instead allow them to permeate within? Through a series of careful manipulations form and program, THE NEW SUPREME COURT COMPLEX achieved a design that addressed these issues.

An idealistic abstraction of the “”, the En Banc Session Hall was placed on the top of the structure, allowing views from within the building and towards the outside – signifying the gesture of being carried by the people. It thus becomes a communal activity of democracy. 

The new complex will initiate the rebirth of the esteemed Supreme Court of the Philippines through a clear dialogue that justice is for the people, experienced by the people, and guided by the majestic justices of the honorable nation of the Philippines.