YEAR                   2016

The design is a tripartite composition consisting of two horizontal volumes: containing the support facilities and amenities; and a tower that will house the new offices. Organized around a central plaza, the volumes envelope this public space – creating a permeable procession to the development while maintaining a sense of security around the vicinity.

The development strategically provides controlled urban pockets accessible to the public while maintaining privacy to the executives. The open deck situated on the top floor provides the personnel their own public plaza – with a 360° view of the cityscape, as well as the enchanting view of the manila bay sunset. 

Dictated by the initiative to create a green development, the new headquarters would Incorporate vertical garden systems integrated with the shading devices. Oriented on a north-south axis, the development specifically confined the louver systems and vegetation along the east-west facing facades – where solar gain is at its maximum. In addition, the extensive use of vegetation on these faces would aid in cooling the building. This strategy also allows the architecture to open its facades on the north and south axes, allowing maximum daylight into the building. Solar panels were also introduced to maximize its sustainability features.