YEAR                   2017

Erected at the City of Pasig along Lopez Jaena Street, the Old Capitol Building was completed during the early 1900’s. For fifty years, it was the seat of power of the province of Rizal. Years after its establishment, the Provincial Capitol of Rizal was soon relocated from Lopez Jaena Street to Shaw Boulevard.

Now, the former Capitol grounds lie in ruins within the context of a low-key residential neighborhood near the Pasig and Marikina rivers. It is unfortunate that the Capitol’s rich and illustrious history had been lost to the general public. Presently, there are still no plans to develop the site. With the site now decaying and misused, how can it be designed better?

To breathe new life into the site, a hybrid of architecture programs was established. Called PARQUE CAPITOL, the old Capitol grounds will become an urban complex of culture and recreation. The complex consists of three main elements:

The Capitol
The Park
The River Avenue

The Capitol, at the heart of the complex is the Old Provincial Capitol Building converted for cultural immersion. The Park is a sculpted urban park enveloping sports facilities. It would act as the organic hybrid to the rigid program of The Capitol in achieving an experiential development that will create new ways in experiencing urban life. The River Avenue is the main circulation spine of the complex – slicing the site with a water feature that traverses towards the river.

PARQUE CAPITOL is Filipino not thru its materiality nor its typology, but it is Filipino because of how it evolved by addressing and reacting to the different forces dictating the design – doing it for the use of the people, doing it for the community, doing it for the needs of the Filipino.