YEAR                   2013

The program called for a sculptural structure that would contain public and service areas that would flow seamlessly with each other – allowing the urban fabric to weave within the architecture. It should be a sustainable mobile structure that could easily be assembled/disassembled allowing it to be relocated and placed in any urban setting. An open kitchen area, a glass conservatory, and outdoor areas were proposed to heighten its purpose as an urban destination.

Its definitive form was derived from the strict dimensions of a 20-foot shipping container module.

Similar to the traditional Japanese dwelling, strictly defined by the module of the tatami mat, the architectural form of the structure was defined by the dimensions of the shipping container. This module was then programmatically multiplied and arranged to juxtapose the disparate elements. To further enhance the urban/industrial identity of the architecture, the ‘skin’ of the container would be finished in a rusted texture.

The kitchen area would be contained in an upcycled shipping container with strategic cut-outs for transparency such as windows, service door, and counter. Extending beyond the kitchen area would be the glass conservatory that serves as the receiving area for the customers. The conservatory maintains the dimensions of the module but would be clad on its sides by full height glazing. This sculptural dialogue between rusted steel and glass allows it to be porous both visually and socially.

The module was repeated on the upper level wherein the top of the kitchen serves as an outdoor dining area whereas a green roof pierced with triangular skylights would cover the conservatory. To break the rigidity of the modular diagram of the architecture, a tensile fabric structure that sweeps upward was proposed to cover the upper level – adding dynamism to the static state of the container. In addition, the triangular skylights of the green roof would create a play of shadows during the day and a constellation of lights at night.