YEAR                    2013

The structure was conceived as a poetic sculpture in concrete and steel. Form was based on programmatic requirements which gave it a strict sense of functionality.

Units were thoughtfully planned to maximize the designated spaces. Surfaces were carved where needed – to admit abundant daylight and cross ventilation to the interior spaces. Exterior surfaces were finished in concrete, not wholly to cut on cost, but to achieve the beautiful quality of concrete as a structure and as a surface. Units are intended to be unit modules to be given identity by each tenant giving them a sense of home.

The commercial and residential units were negotiated by the main stair that traverses the full height of the building – where a manipulated surface was developed to encourage interaction. Taking direction from the client’s love for waterfalls, an abstracted “waterfall” feature was introduced. Since waterfalls rush vertically, the stairwell would be the optimum location to place this sculptural creation. A faceted surface of “falling” concrete was created around the main stairs.

Standing in the middle of a waterfall, you are enveloped with water. Here, you are enveloped in light.

To make the exterior visually stimulating, a louvered system was created that acts as a shading device, a security feature, and an experiment architectural expression. These members were folded to articulate the movement of water – again taking inspiration from the client’s fondness of the sea.